Michael W. Turner is an independent, legal practitioner whose practice concentrates in the area of Education Law, Criminal Law, and Employment Law.

Attorney Turner has been representing children and their families in school related issues for many years in the areas of Special Education Services, rights and appeals of deficient services as well as in suspension and expulsion hearings, CHINS or criminal charges in the Juvenile or District Courts.

Attorney Turner represents the victims of bullying or harassment, in both the school setting or work place and those who have been unjustly accused. It is not uncommon for schools and employers to punish both the victim and perpetrator. Children are the most vulnerable and since 2002 numerous children have committed suicide due to constant bullying.

Attorney Turner works cooperatively with your experts and advocates to assist you in providing your child an education and access to opportunities to assist your child to reach their full potential.

Representing children in the public school is a boutique area of law because only a small number of attorneys concentrate in the area due to the specialized Federal and State laws and regulations.

Given, the bad economics times school finances are even more stretched than ever. These very troubled times require parents to fight for their children’s rights and required services.

The Turner Law Office has a long history of successful representation of children. Attorney Turner has spoken to parent groups and at Legal seminars on a myriad of topics and been on Court TV dealing with restraints of students.

This video may be disturbing as it shows the child being restrained.
This could be happening to your significantly disabled child.

Attorney Turner practices before:

  • The Massachusetts Bureau of Special Education Appeals

  • The Massachusetts Juvenile, District, Probate and Superior Courts

  • The Massachusetts Court of Appeals and Supreme Judicial Court

  • The Federal District Court and Court Appeals for the First Circuit

Current Issues

  • Public Schools are not providing children with the full range of services necessary to make effective and real progress in school.

  • Public Schools are not protecting children from bullying or harassment.

  • Public Schools do not provide access to the full range of vocational programs children require to become self sufficient upon graduation.

  • Public Schools use out of school suspension to force children to drop out of school rather than provide the necessary services to allow them to be successful.

  • Is your child making appropriate progress in school so your child can go on to higher education or work?

  • If your child is over 16, has the school provided you with an outcome based transition plan? Do you know what a transition plan is?

  • If your child is not college bound and not in a vocational school is the regular public High School able to provide a vocational program?

If you believe the public school is the benevolent care taker of your child, you are wrong. We are committed to make sure children get those services, programs and courses which are necessary for your child to progress. A child's mind is a terrible thing to throw away.

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